How to point /home/ directory to main domain?

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How to point /home/ directory to main domain?

Postby cyberical » Wed Sep 10, 2008 4:47 am

I have a problem:
I'm using a Linux type server for my website.
I have a directory "images" within the /home/user/ directory and another "images" directory within /home/user/public_html/ on the website that I plan to redirect all images within "/home/user/images" to "/home/user/public_html/images" on the website.

That mean that I have my images permanently in "/home/user/images" directory but I want that this directory become accessible from the main domain at "" that really is loaded from "/home/user/public_html/images".

Is there any suggestion for this purpose?
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Postby richardk » Wed Sep 10, 2008 10:18 am

Not with mod_rewrite, it can't rewrite below your document root.

You could create a Symbolic Link, or an Alias (if you have access to the server configuration).
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