Can i use .htaccess with virtualhosts?

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Can i use .htaccess with virtualhosts?

Postby B-noobie » Wed Oct 20, 2004 3:33 pm

Ok, so i'm using virtual hosts for local development on my OS X box. After finding an article at oreilly i figured out (one way) to set it up. I add something like this to my httpd.conf file...

ServerName dev.
DocumentRoot /Users/username/Sites/projectname/

and something like this to my /etc/hosts file...

I then create the /Users/username/Sites/projectname/ directory and i'm good to go. One small problem. Although i can get my .htaccess file with rewrite settings to work on a live server and it's subdomains it won't work on my local box. Is there something i need to set up for each local virtualhost to make the .htaccess settings take effect? If you know the answer please be very detailed in your reply. I'm a total idiot with this stuff and i'm just hacking my way along as i go ;)


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