New to mod_rewrite? This is a good place to start.

Postby Guest » Wed Sep 05, 2001 7:18 pm

Hello all,

This is the first time I try to use mod_rewrite and I just want to see if it will work on my server. I have confirmed that the module is active but I can't seem to get any successes or errors. Where should I place the .htaccess file with the rewrite information?

Any help, even the most basic, would be much appreciated.


Postby Brett » Wed Sep 05, 2001 9:45 pm

If you want the mod_rewrite directives to apply to your entire site, you would put the .htaccess file in the main directory for your site (typically something like /home/username/www/).

If you only want the directives to apply to files a particular directory, you can put the .htaccess file in that directory. (It will apply to anything "underneath" that directory as well.)
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