Wildcard SSL & mod_rewrite


Wildcard SSL & mod_rewrite

Postby Jack.Straw » Fri Feb 12, 2010 6:56 am

I have a "wildcard" SSL certificate for *.mydomain.net. My setup with mod_rewrite is such that any folder in my public_html directory can be accessed like a subdomain like folder.mydomain.net, & the SSL cert works on these sudo-subdomains.

I recently moved our .com domain to the same server as the .net sites. The .com "add-on" domain points to public_html/dotcomfolder (on the .net server) Accessing www.mydomain.com does not allow the use of the SSL cert, quite understandably. However, accessing the same site using dotcomfolder.mydomain.net does allow the SSL security to pass.

I want to start using the SSL cert on a couple pages of the .com site, but i don't want the .com users to see the .net address. Is it possible for me to use links pointing to https://www.mydomain.com/?queryinfo and have that displayed as the URL, but redirect through https://dotcomfolder.mydomain.net?queryinfo so the SSL will validate?

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