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Using a single web hosting account to host multiple sites

Postby cavergary » Tue Mar 31, 2009 4:49 pm

I really want to capture the argument uid=13. The uid is the part that will be the query to the db to get the custom data. However that variable gets set I'm okay with.

If we can get $uid=xxx then I can plug that number into the db query and get the custom content.


Okay, so I'm a little slow at this. But the light has finally gone on!

I was trying to capture the uid variable wrong, just as $uid. It needed to be $_GET[uid] !!!

The RewriteMap and RewriteRules are working splendidly.

I've been lost in this forest for so long I forgot what a tree looks like!

Many thanks for your help, and patience with me.
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