Rewriting across drives? or rewriting to deeper directory?

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Rewriting across drives? or rewriting to deeper directory?

Postby ThantiK » Sun Apr 03, 2005 9:55 am

I'm currently setting up a honeypot FTP server, and I'm working against warez groups and learning more and more of what they do every day.

Currently I'm stuck on rewriting a fake space.asp across drives, or possibly even to a deeper directory...

Heres what I have:
Code: Select all
#Rewriterule ^space\.asp$ "c:/WebSvr/"

The situation is, these scanners typically find ways to make file names with invalid characters, so I harbored this all on my E drive. -- so its easily formattable and recoverable. -- I would SOMEHOW like to either put a space.asp into a deep deep deep deep deep directory (those guys never scan anything there anyways)...or rewrite it from a copy I have on my LOCAL drive.

Would someone mind helping me with this? -- would you mind showing me an example of redirecting to a deep deep directory or let me know if its possible to rewrite across drives?
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