Complex Rulesets and Redirection

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Complex Rulesets and Redirection

Postby ConstructingReality » Sun Jul 17, 2005 6:03 pm

Heres the situation:

I have two access points for my website which are and

I want to take all requests coming into the above access points and pass them to to a security script which will then bounce back out to the originating access point and serve the requested, assuming that the user passes all security checks. The catch is, that I need the user to know what domain they are on at all times, and the address bar needs to reflect that location.


[SERVER] redirects to http://checkpoint.constructingreality.c ... efile.html
[CGISCRIPT] ...does some internal checking, redirects back to originating access point, looking for /somefile.html

I need to also avoid the server endless looping to the domain. This should happen only once for each file request. any help on this would be wonderful. A set of rewrite rules to do this would be even better. I'm such a newb at mod_rewrite it's pathetic.
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