Complex setup - complete biginner

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Complex setup - complete biginner

Postby Guest » Wed Aug 21, 2002 10:12 am

Hi All,

I'm currently setting up a network of sites and I'm wanting to make the sites spider friendly. I've read apache, altaway, various tutorials, and many threads on this site and I still am clueless lol.

Here's our site setup:
1 hosting account 4 sites.
3 of the sites are done using domain forwarding with domain masking (ie: points to a specific folder on the hosting account, yet the location bar appears as normal.)
site 1: /var/www/html/
site 2: /var/www/html/gg/
site 3: /var/www/html/gg/tb/
site 4: /var/www/html/gg/ts/

I want to change all of our index.php?var=foo&var2=bar to index.html/foo/bar/ (I believe that allows for most spiders to pick up pages).

Now, I have several problems:
1. I have no clue how to rewrite /index.html/foo/bar/ to index.php?var=foo&var2=bar
2. Some of the variables are done as arrays ie: ?var[]=foo&var[]=bar - I'm not sure how rewriting will affect that.
3. I can only do this via .htaccess
4. Due to doing it via .htaccess how does that affect the rewrite process on sites 3&4? (site 1 won't have any rewriting) they will appear as but actually be

It's very complex and rather confusing. Any help would be appreciated.


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