subdomains ???

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subdomains ???

Postby Guest » Tue Aug 20, 2002 2:36 am

i cand get subdomains to work
why ??
im a beginner in mod_rewrite

i have this code in ad .htaccess bot i dossent work
(Sorry im not good af englist)

RewriteEngine on
RewriteMap lowercase int:tolower

RewriteCond ${lowercase:%{HTTP_HOST}} !^$
RewriteCond ${lowercase:%{HTTP_HOST}} !^www\$

RewriteCond ${lowercase:%{HTTP_HOST}} ^(www\.|)([^.]+)\.fastweb\.dk$
RewriteRule ^(.+) ${lowercase:%{HTTP_HOST}}$1 [C]
RewriteRule ^(www\.|)([^.]+)\.fastweb\.dk(.*) /var/www/fastweb/$2$3 [L]

RewriteCond ${lowercase:%{HTTP_HOST}} ^(www\.|)[^.]+\.[^.]+\.fastweb\.dk$
RewriteRule ^(.+) ${lowercase:%{HTTP_HOST}}$1 [C]
RewriteRule ^(www\.|)([^.]+)\.([^.]+)\.fastweb\.dk(.*) /var/www/fastweb/$3/$2$4 [L]

i get a 500 site error on this script
i want it to bee like
all the users maps are in /var/www/fastweb/username
username is the map the user have.
i shult work at <== it works now <== this do not work <== this do not work
and shuld also work at /var/www/ and not like /var/www/fastweb/www

plzz help some one

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