From HTML files to PHP ?& etc

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From HTML files to PHP ?& etc

Postby keledan » Tue Jul 26, 2005 8:33 am

my first post, I hope to solve some problems with your help!
I have recently discovered this great mod_rewrite. I could finally redirect properly my old forum to my new forum, and each alias domain name to the main one.
Now I have the final problem.
We publish articles storing them in HTML formats, categorized in directory.
Each article is stored in a separate directory, under the main category one. Inside each article's dir there is an image subdir with the pictures for the article.

For example: the latest article about SuseLinux will be published in this path: /guides/software/20050725

Inside there'll be the following files:

index.html (the first page of any article is always named index.html)

My php scripts will refer to each page with this query string:
I have a different php script for each category, so I have cpu.php, video.php, motherboard.php, etc...

At present google and other search engines does not index my internal pages since I have forbidden the directory /guides in my robots.txt.
I would like to let web engine spider's in, but I need to change the URL on the fly to show the pages in a proper way.

I hope that everything is clear!
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